John Chick Home Inspections

A Georgia native, John Chick and his family settled in Murfreesboro in 1990.  John is a retired Foreign Service Officer who served in the USN and International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB), Voice of America (VOA) for 26 years.

Work Experience

4/1/10 – Present Licensed Home Inspector – No. 911 – over 3,000 inspections performed.
2006 – 2008 Voice of America and Voice of Free Asia, Tinang Philippines.
Transmitter Plant Supervisor, Safety Officer, Security Officer, Cashier Supervisor, Procurement Officer, Contracting Officer and Facilities Supervisor.
2006 – 2008 Station Manager and Contracting Officer for the Saipan/Tinian Relay Station, (CNMI) Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands.
2002 – 2006 Voice of America Poro Point Philippines.
Transmitter Plant Supervisor, Poro Point Supervisor, Deputy Construction Manager (COR), Safety Officer, Security Officer, Cashier and Procurement Officer.
2000 – 2002 Voice of America, Greenville NC.
Transmitter Plant Supervisor, Facilities Supervisor, Procurement Officer, Property Management Officer and Station Manager.
1997 – 2000 Voice of America, Botswana Africa.
Transmitter Plant Supervisor, Facilities Supervisor, Executive Officer, Contracting Officer and Safety Officer.
1995 – 1997 Voice of America, Bangkok Thailand.
Transmitter Plant Supervisor, Deputy Construction Manager, Construction Manager, Safety Officer, Facilities Supervisor and Security Officer.
1994 – 1995 Voice of America. Executive officer, Udorn Relay Station, Thailand.
1992 – 1994 Voice of America, Udorn Thailand.
Transmitter Plant Supervisor and Engineering representative to the Construction Manager.
1991 – 1992 Voice of America, Botswana Africa.
Transmitter Plant Supervisor, Executive Officer, Facilities Supervisor, Safety Officer, Training Officer and Manager.
1989 – 1991 Voice of America, Tinang Philippines.
Assistant Transmitter Plant Supervisor, Maintenance Supervisor and Transmitter Plant Supervisor.
1987 – 1988 Voice of America, Poro Point Philippines.
Assistant Transmitter Plant Supervisor and Housing Officer.
1986 – 1987 Voice of America, Greenville NC.
Radio Engineer.
1985 – 1986 Marathon Florida, Radio Marti.
Prepare former Marathon Relay Station for conversion into Radio Marti facility. Chief Engineer, Maintenance Supervisor, Lead Technician and Station Manager.
1980 – 1985 Tallahassee Florida radio stations.
Chief Engineer and Contract Engineer, salesman, announcer and Program Director.
1975 – 1980 WAIV, WMBR and other local radio stations.
Radio Engineer and Maintenance Engineer.
1973 – 1975 College in Jacksonville, Florida Junior College and Jones College.
1969 – 1973 United States Navy, Communications Technician (CTR), Naval Security Group Command, Pensacola, Adak, Hawaii, USS Tawasa.
1967 – 1969 WCIN Radio Station Cincinnati OH
Radio Engineer.